These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve heard since 1996 – if you have other questions, please call (314.531.9701) or email. The F.A.Q. section is intended to be informational.

  1. Address and directions to Quintessential Antiques & Furniture Company’s showroom/warehouse.
    5707 Manchester – on the northside between Hampton and Kingshighway. Parking is in the back. Directions are — Highway 40/64 or Highway 44 to Kingshighway. Take Kingshighway to Manchester. Turn West on Manchester. Go through 2 stoplights – we are located on the Northside of Manchester in a 2 story painted brick building. Go to www.antiquesstl.com to find a map.
  2. Hours – Open Each Month 1st 7 days from 9am-4pm (Jan 1-7, Feb 1-7, Mar 1-7, Apr 1-7, May 1-7, June 1-7, July 1-7, Aug 1-7, Sept 1-7, Oct 1-7, Nov 1-7, Dec 1-7 from 9am-4pm). On the 1st we open at 7am for early buying.
  3. Do you do appraisals? No – we are not certified Appraisers. We have a general working knowledge of the business, but our interest is buying and selling — not speculating on what something might be worth.
  4. Do you have a specialty? Furniture is the backbone of our business, but we buy and sell a large variety including, but not exclusively, items from the 1800’s and 1900’s. There are way too many categories to list, but we especially like the unusual and hard to find. We always have tables, chairs, rugs, dressers, counters, cabinets, architectural, garden and accessories. Categories that you will always see are country, mission, industrial, Empire, Victorian, painted, deco and many others. We always have mirrors, frames, glassware, ironstone, woodenware…if you are looking for something – so are we.
  5. If I sign up for e-News how often do you send out emails and do you share your mailing list with anyone else? We average about 14 emails a year or about 1 per month. Our emails are sent as reminders or to share pictures of recently acquired merchandise or to notify our customers of upcoming shows and events. NO we will NOT share your email with anyone else.
  6. What payment options do you accept? We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa and in some cases checks. We also offer layaway – ask for details.
  7. Does Quintessential Antiques buy Antiques? Yes, we like to buy everyday. We are always actively buying. You set the price.
  8. What is the best way to sell something to Quintessential Antiques & Furniture Company? The most efficient way is to email us pictures, descriptions and prices at info@antiquesstlouis.com. Or you can contact us at 314.531.9701 to discuss what you have to sell. Three things we ask is #1 you have a price in mind that you will be happy with, #2 make sure that your family members know you are selling these items and #3 understand that we are dealers. Selling to us can be the easiest way to sell an item, an entire garage full, house full or entire buildings full. Once we make a deal you get immediate payment and we move it for you.
  9. Do you buy a single piece? Yes. The only (very important) thing we ask is that you have a selling price in mind.
  10. Do you buy entire estates? Yes. We travel 1000’s of miles buying the best we can find. No quantity is too large and no distance is too far. We are always interested in buying large groups of Antiques and Furniture. Please have your selling price in mind before we meet.
  11. Why do you do shows? Shows are a good source for us. They are a source for new ideas, new customers and new contacts. Shows are our main advertising and give us an opportunity to put our merchandise in front of new potential customers. We have found that shows are a lot of work, but they are more effective than traditional advertising
  12. What is your pricing philosophy? We price our merchandise to sell. We are not concerned about what something is “worth” – we are concerned with what is a fair price. Usually price is based on condition, how hard it is to find, the quality, the functionality and/or what we paid for it. The Antique business is our only business and the items in our shop are there to sell!
  13. Where do you get your inventory? People like you and referrals! In addition, we travel all over the country to buy. Years in this business has created a network that we get referrals from on a regular basis. We have worked hard at our reputation for being fair and honest.
  14. What is an Antique? You might get a different definition from different people, but to us an Antique is something of value that has age. An Antique could be handmade, homemade, made by a machine or made by a master craftsman. Antiques could have been made simply or with lots of ornate details. It may be something that was made for the home, work or factory. It may have been altered over the years and had many different purposes. There is a lot of flexibility in this definition and the definition leaves it open to a lot of interpretation – that’s why you never know what you are going to find at Quintessential Antiques and Furniture Company.
  15. Is this a mall? No, this is a family business. We own everything in the shop and do not rent space out to anyone else. There is always at least one of the owners at the shop to help answer your questions.
  16. Is there anything that you don’t buy or sell? Anything illegal or stolen. Guns, coins and jewelry are items we do not stock. We do not buy at “market” or newly mass produced items.
  17. Do you deliver? Where? How much? Yes we definitely deliver within 100 miles. If timing is flexible we will make every effort to make deliveries more than 100 miles. We have delivered to New York, Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Florida and all points in between. The minimum charge is usually $35, the amount goes up for special circumstances like needing a second person, 2nd floor, or outside of a 30 mile radius. Please inquire and we will give you a quote.
  18. Why did you move? Since 2000 we have had 3 shops that we really liked, but we had the opportunity to buy this building. This building gives us a great location on a very well-known street in St. Louis, we like the layout of the building and the flexibility that it gives us.
  19. What can I expect when I visit your shop? One of the owners will always be in the shop and available. There is a main floor with room type settings plus a mezzanine level. On most occasions all items will be clearly ticketed and priced. The majority of the items will be cleaned and displayed in room type settings. We have items that are $1 and up. It will be a low pressure visit. Our goal is share our love of Antiques and to gain another repeat customer.
  20. Do you sell to dealers? Absolutely. Dealers are our best customers. We price our merchandise with dealers in mind.
  21. Can I buy an item over the phone or through email? Yes. We prefer for you to visit the shop and view the merchandise first hand, but if you are comfortable buying long distance then we are willing to work with you. We will send pictures and describe items to the best of our ability. Please remember that all sales are final and we do not accept returns.
  22. Do you ship? Yes. We will use your preferred packer and shipper. We will NOT pack the item. In most cases, Quintessential Antiques does not add additional fees – you only pay for the item, packing and shipping. We will work with you to make this an easy process.
  23. Do you sell on Ebay? On rare occasions where we do not think we have the market in St. Louis or have an item that demands a specialized audience.
  24. Why are your hours the 1st Seven days of each month 7am-7pm? We wanted to give our customers guaranteed extended hours when they could find us at the shop. It is important to us that one of the owners is always at the shop and these hours give us the flexibility to continue to keep our hectic travel schedule and do shows. If these hours don’t work for your schedule – don’t forget that we are available by appointment anytime.
  25. How often does Quintessential Antiques have events at the shop and how do I find out about them? The only Event that is permanently scheduled is our Holiday Open House around Thanksgiving time. We look at our Events as a thank you to our current and future customers. Email is our preferred way of notifying our customers. If you are not on our mailing lists you can send us your email address at info@antiquesstlouis.com or sign up yourself online at www.antiquesstlouis.com.
  26. My uncle lives in Ohio and his mother lives in Florida – they want to sell their belongings. Do you buy items out of state? Yes. We would love to discuss the opportunity. You can contact us at 314.531.9701 or info@antiquesstlouis.com. Pictures and prices are always helpful in getting this discussion moving forward.
  27. Do you advertise? Our advertising is very minimal. This is by design. Many of our customers are repeat customers or referrals. We are always looking for avenues to reach potential new customers. By keeping our advertising costs low, we can operate on a lower mark up and keep our prices reasonable.
  28. How long have you been in business? Quintessential Antiques was started in 1996. It is a family partnership. However, our interest in Antiques has been lifelong.
  29. Do you decorate private homes or offices? It is always gratifying to see what good homes our Antiques go into, but we have never accepted an offer to decorate for a client.
  30. Do you offer consignment? No. We will buy outright if you have something that you would like to sell. You set the price, we pay for it and we move it.
  31. Do you have mall space at Warson Woods Antique Mall? Yes, we have been there since the mall opened. We feel like it is a good fit for us and it has been good advertising for us. They are open 7 days a week. Our booth is #63. For any other information visit www.warsonwoodsantiques.com.
  32. Do you accept returns? No. We welcome you to inspect the merchandise and we will share our knowledge, but unfortunately because of the unique nature of the items we carry – returns are not accepted. Everything is SOLD AS IS without any guarantees unless the final receipt indicates differently.
  33. Do you have a hold policy? We can hold an item for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours expires the item will be offered for sale again. There is no obligation and no money required to hold an item, but if the policy is abused we may refuse the right to hold items.
  34. Do you have employees? No, we do not have employees. Any help that we hire is on a job by job basis. We are always looking for skilled, knowledgeable people and make referrals to people we do business with.
  35. Do you rent your items out for photo shoots or as props? Many times the answer is yes, but it depends on the item and timing. The fee is a minimum of 20% of our asking price for 3 days or less. We require a deposit for the full asking price. The deposit is returned when the item is returned in the same condition. Every piece is different – ask for more details if you are interested.

If you have other questions you can contact us – email or call 314.531.9701